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Terms and Conditions

ayment is required prior to shipping. Payment can be made by check, money order or credit card. Shipping is included in the charges.

Knives and supplies will normally be shipped UPS third day, or USPS Priority Mail. If you want it shipped differently, let me know. Rates shown on the website are calculated using UPS third day.

There is a 5 day return period for knives. If, for any reason, you decide that the knife isn't what you wanted or expected, return it to me new, unused and postage paid. On receipt I will refund your money.

Knives are cutting implements. Accidental or intentional misuse or carelessness can result in cuts that may require medical attention, ruin your clothes, and cause the loss of important body fluids or parts. Since few people enjoy pain or injury, please be careful.

My knives are warranted against defects in workmanship. If it breaks during normal use, return it to me and I will repair or replace it at my discretion. Remember that these are knives, not pry bars or screwdrivers. If you use it for those things, you shouldn't have, life threatening situations excepted. If you want a throwing knife, buy a throwing knife. They are spring tempered and won't hold an edge. My knives are not spring tempered but will hold an edge.

Natural materials like wood and ivory have characteristics of their own. The humidity where you live may not be what I have here in Southern Oregon. As a consequence, natural materials that can change with humidity and moisture are beyond my control. For instance, ivory will sometimes crack slightly. I can't change that unless it's been stabilized. Some woods have the same problem. I will do all within my abilities to minimize it, but I cannot control it. Ultimately, it's part of the character of the material.

I hope that you enjoy your new knife. Use it long and well. All my knives are made to be used, so please do so. For those purchasing supplies, I got started with blade blanks and went forward. Many of us did. It's a good way to learn. Enjoy the blade blanks. I use the same care in making them that I do in the blades I use.

I do not do ritual knives. Since it impossible for me to know every knife law where you live, if you can't have it, don't ask me to make it or sell it to you. That will keep us both out of trouble.

There is a 10% discount to law enforcement, fire and related agencies and active duty members of our Armed Forces, including USCG. Please provide proof of qualifications when ordering. Semper Fi!

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